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  • Be featured on the Twenty-Four Productions crew page 

  • Exclusive log in to member's site 

  • Behind the scenes updates 

  • Career opportunities 

  • Acess to Twenty-Four Productions members benefits 

  • Has been part of at least two (2) or more films produced by   Twenty-Four Productions.

  • A letter or recommendation from a current member

  • Send resume, headshot, and brief biography

  • Application approved by Executive Board 

  • Application fee $25

How long will it take for my application to be process?

Between 2-3 weeks. Applications will not be consider until all materials are sent. Including: Headshot, Brief Biography, resume, and letter of recommendation. Once all materials are recieved the application process starts. 

Who will be reviewing my application? 

Twenty-Four Productions Executive Board reviews all applications before being approved. Taking into account the recommendation letter, resume, and minimum requirement of two films. 

I have never been a part of any Twenty-Four Productions films, can I still apply?

No, to be legible to become a member you must have been part for at least two (2) films produced by the company. If you wish to work for Twenty-Four Productions you can fill out a crew application form in our career tab. 

I worked on one Twenty-Four Production's film. Can I be part of the crew page? 

In order to be featured on the crew page you must submit an application first, and become a member. 

What is a member Log in? 

Exclusive access to the members page on the Twenty-Four Productions website. Members page includes exclusive behind the scenes, production updates, career opportunities, networking with fellow members, and invitation to productions and events.

Career Opportunities? 

Members have priority to apply to work on Twenty-Four Productions films when a new production is open, and looking for crew and cast members. 

What are the membership benefits? 

Members get priority when submitting an application for a new production. Featured on Twenty-Four Productions crew page. Invitation to screenings, events, and behind the scenes. 

What is the process of my application?

The process begins when you submit an application online. Once the application is submitted, you will recieve a confirmation email with an identification number. Label all materials send to with your application identification number. When all materials are recieved, the application will be sent to the executive board for evaluation. When application is successfully approved, you will recieve a tracking number, and instructions to submit your payment. 

COULDN'T FIND AN ASNWER? Contact us for more information.
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