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Director: Daniela Arguello

Screenwriter: Daniela Arguello

Genre: Sci-fi, Drama 


In the midst of the Vietnam War a group of soldiers disappear after being enlisted and never reach Vietnam. Back in America, Norman a young boy is left with his dad’s broken radio wondering where he might be. After a series of unexplained events and U.F.O reports Norman spots a bright blue light meteorite like characteristics crashing down to earth causing tremors and an odd static sounds that can only be deciphered through his dad’s broken radio. Someone is trying to communicate with him.   


Release Date: November 2016

Running Time: 10 minutes


Director: Daniela Arguello

Screenwriter: Daniela Arguello

Genre: Drama 


Based on a true story. 2,500 kilometers from the U.S border in a small town in Guatemala. Sandra, a young mother of two is faced with the decision between keep trying to fix her relationship with her abusive husband or run away to U.S in the hopes to find the American dream of a better life.  


Starring: Cinthia Vazquez, Carlos Aylagas, Victoria Morales, Melanie Flores. 

Crew: Bryce Marraro, Sofia Arguello, Mario Delgado, Nick Chuba, Pedro Arguello, Filipe Goulart, Anette Perez, Hector Perez, Mariannela Arguello


Release Date: September 2015

Running Time: 20 minutes


Director: Daniela Arguello

Screenwriter: Daniela Arguello

Genre: Drama, Sci-fi


What If you could go back and change everything? What would you do different? Tim sets to build a time machine to prove his theory about time. 


Starring: Carlos Ayagas and Linda Sirkedzhyan.

Crew: Eric Smith, David Escobedo, Mariah Astarda.

Release Date: February 1st, 2015

Running Time: 8 minutes


Director: Daniela Arguello

Screenwriter: Daniela Arguello

Genre: Drama, Sci-fi


Reverie (rev-uh-ree)-A state of dreamy mediation; daydream. A story about Alex (Santiago Triana) undergoing a trance to try to upress his memories and forget the past.


Starring: Santiago Triana , Agustina Biasutto

Crew: Eric Vera, Agustina Biasutto, Steffi Aguirre, Felipe Vargas, Jaime Vera.

Release Date: Dec. 2013

Running Time: 8 minutes



Director: Daniela Arguello

Screenwriter: Daniela Arguello

Genre: Comedy, Drama


Sam, an 10 year-old boy creates a robot to defeat the bully of the neighborhood. 1st Place winner of the STN Film challenge 2013.


Release Date: October, 2013

Crew: Steffi Aguirre, Agustina Biasutto, Gustavo Rivero Running Time: 3minutes



Director:Daniela Arguello

Screenwriter: Daniela Arguello, Gustavo Rivero, Eric Vera, Steffi Aguirre

Genre: Comedy, Drama


A 48 hour film project about Larry Linton (Felipe Vargas) , a Hypochondriac meets Cole Martin (Gustavo Rivero) who is dealing with anger management issues. While attending a support group they are assigned to work together and help each other out, to explore the world, and let go of their fears.


Starring: Gustavo Rivero , Agustina Biasutto

Crew: Eric Vera, Agustina Biasutto, Gustavo Rivero, Steffi Aguirre, Valentina Vargas, Sofia Arguello, Maria Gonzales, Kirsten Cozier.

Release Date: May 12th, 2013

Running Time: 7 minutes







Director: Daniela Arguello

Screenwriter: Daniela arguello

Crew: Eric Vera, Will adames

Genre: Drama, Loss​


Ethan (Gustavo Rivero) trying to escape reality, and the pain of losing a love one. He starts to run, hoping he will be able to forget everything for a moment, but when he sees himself trapped, no where to go, and hits a dead end, he realizes that the only way of dealing with the loss of his twin is to face it and embrace it .



Starring: Gustavo Rivero, Agustina Biasutto, Will Adames Release Date: December 7th, 2013

Running Time: 6 minutes







Directors: Daniela Arguello

Screenwriter: Daniela Arguello​

Crew: Eric Vera, Marlee Wierda, Kirsten Cozier, Will Adames.

Genre: Action, Thriller


An award winning short film about Agent 2012 (Gustavo Rivero) one of the best CIA agents. Agent 2012 gets a mysterious call on Christmas eve and gets assigned a special mission. His mission is to recover the chip with a the list before midnight.


Starring: Gustavo Rivero, Eric Vera, Diego Cocco, Kirsten Cozier

Release Date: December 21th, 2012

Running Time: 7 minutes


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