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Director: Daniela Arguello

Producer: Daniela Arguello

Screenplay: Daniela Arguello, Gustavo Rivero, Steffi Aguirre.


Starring: Gustavo Rivero, Felipe Vargas.

Director of Photography: Eric Vera 

Editor: Steffi Aguirre, Daniela Arguello, Eric Vera

Visual Effects: Gustavo Rivero


Release Date: May 2013

Running Time: 7 minutes

Filming Location: Weston, FL

When a hypochondriac teenager starts attending a support group. He is assigned a partner with anger management issues to make a list of the everyday life things that scares them, and help each other to overcome them, resulting with an unexpected friendship between them.


Winner - 1st Place Student Television Network Film Challenge 2013


Official Selection - 48hrs Film Project Miami 2013

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